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The New RFID Chip In Your Credit Card Makes To Completely Vulnerable To Digital Pickpockets. They Can Literally Scan Your Card From 5 Feet Away, Get Your Card Numbers And Go Use Them To Buy Whatever They Want!

The Card SafeGuard is the only foolproof way to keep your financial information safe from these “New Age” thieves. See the video below to discover exactly how these thieves are bilking Americans from BILLIONS every year…

The Card SafeGuard is the only foolproof way to keep your financial information safe from these “New Age” thieves. See the video below to discover exactly how these thieves are bilking Americans from BILLIONS every year…

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The Ultimate Identity Theft Protection Plan

Normally $37, Yours FREE: The Ultimate Identity Theft Protection Plan will teach you how to completely protect yourself from thousands of lurking online hackers, who spend their days plotting to steal your personal information and exploit your reputation and credit. If they do, it will take you 2-3 years and countess hours to repair your credit and reputation. DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!

Fort Knox Security System

Normally $37, Yours FREE: The Fort Knox Security System will show you all the in’s and out’s of the US firearms laws and how to legally work around them to make sure you always have the firearms you need to protect your home and family. You’ll discover how to use the law to your advantage and never have to worry about having your 2nd Amendment rights stripped away buy the “gun-grabbers” in our government.

The United Survivalist Association (U.S.A) Members Only Website

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The United Survivalist Association (U.S.A) is the Ultimate Disaster Preparedness, Privacy and Security Resource in the World. With over 150 training manuals, videos, podcasts and resources you’ll discover everything from how to treat a broken limb in the bush to how to keep the NSA from listening to your phone calls: how to build a bunker in your backyard, the right type of firearms for home defense to how to avoid getting caught in a riot, what to pack in your car for emergencies to how much food you need to stockpile in your home. There are so many resources in the United Survivalist Association it would take pages to describe them all. Thousands upon thousands of American Patriots use the United Survivalist Association every single day to ensure the safety of their own families no matter what the future may bring…

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This RFID Blocker is just the coolest thing ever! It fits right in to my wallet, and now I feel safe I’m protected from fraud, where ever I go! Thank you so much Richard, I really didn’t know who you were before I ordered, what I found out was that you were able to provide the information I was seeking in an easily readable format. 

The value I’ve received from all your amazing products and your other publications, reports and guides, has been life changing! Again, thank you and may God bless and protect our families.”

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Henry Shomin, Murfreesboro, Tennessee

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This is a 100% risk free offer. Your credit card statement will show a charge from TACTICAL 888-919-3614 Questions? Please email [email protected]